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We have tightly managed park rules and safety procedures throughout our park, to ensure our customers can enjoy the park to its full potential, while significantly reducing the chance of injury.

Please take the time to read carefully the safety procedures and park rules.

Before jumping all participants are required to sign a waiver that informs and educates them of the potential risks of trampolining.

Prior to the start of their jump session participants are required to watch an educational safety briefing video which teaches them about the park rules, how to control their bounce and how to jump safely amongst others.

Marshalls are stationed at all core areas of the park throughout a jump session to ensure rules are being adhered to, advise and guide participants. All Marshalls go through vigorous and selective training.

  • All Area 52 Trampoline Parks AD customers must have read and accepted our Terms & Conditions.
  • All instruction or requests from Area 52 Trampoline Parks staff must be adhered to immediately.
  • All jumping customers must have read and completed a valid Area 52 Trampoline Parks AD waiver before using the arena.
  • For customers under the age of 16, a waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian before you can jump.
  • Area 52 Trampoline Parks AD customers will be issued a session wristband and this must be clearly worn and displayed at all times.
  • All jumpers must be 2 years or older. 2 – 5 year olds must stay within the dedicated toddler zone and have a supervising adult with them at all times, with the exception of during dedicated Area 52 Toddler sessions when the park is for the exclusive use of under 5s.
  • Area 52 Trampoline Parks AD requires that all jumpers under the age of 12 must be supervised in the Park.
  • Please do not use or attempt to use the trampolines while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is very dangerous and will not be tolerated.
  • No food or drink is permitted on the trampoline decking or the trampoline arena.
  • No mobile phones, jewellery, other sharp items of clothing or accessories should be worn while using the trampolines.
  • Please also ensure that your pockets are clear of loose items such as change and keys. We have lockers available to store all of these items.
  • Please be considerate of other customers, especially younger users.
  • It’s very important to be aware of those around you and appreciate that others may not be as experienced or confident on the beds.
  • Younger jumpers are advised to use our dedicated Toddler zone to avoid jumpers of different sizes obstructing one another.
  • Area 52 grip socks must be worn in the trampoline park.
  • All of our trampolines are designed to be used by one person at a time. It’s important to comply as two people jumping (Double bouncing) together can cause unpredictable bounces, increased hazard and may cause injury.
  • Always try to land on two feet and be aware of your own ability and competence. We want to see jumpers improve their skills and performing tricks but we ask that flips and somersaults are limited to one at a time. At no times are double flips and / or somersaults permitted.
  • Please ensure that while jumping between beds, no flips / somersaults are attempted over the pads between trampolines.
  • We ask our customers to avoid running within the park and other boisterous activity which can lead to danger.
  • Please do not lay or sit on the trampoline beds. There are areas within the park for rest or take a break at the café when you are tired. You can always go back on the park as long as your time period has not expired.
  • The padding around our trampolines and other impact absorbing material within the park is in place to heighten safety. Please do not attempt to interfere with or re-position. The same applies to safety nettings, these are in place to help protect users and should not be pulled, grabbed or moved.
  • All customers use the park at their own risk and although we do all we can to offer a safe environment any jumper with a current or previous medical condition or injury should seek medical advice before using the park.
  • All customers who are pregnant or have health issues should not use the Park unless their medical specialist has confirmed that they are able to. This confirmation should be made in writing and provided to us prior to entering the Park.