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The Wall

Try your hand at wall running on The Wall at Area 52. It may look a bit daunting but it is a lot of fun, as well as being quite challenging. Essentially it’s an extra-bouncy trampoline next to a wall that you can push off, walk up and much more.

Wall running is a relatively new art form originating from Free Running and the Cirque De Soleil. It takes a few goes to master, but it is a lot easier than it looks! 

The Wall steps things up to the next level!

other Attractions


Let the battle commence! To the victor the spoils! To the loser a mouthful of foam!

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Players who can effortlessly fly through the air and slam dunk that basketball dead centre!

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The Area 52 Jump Zone provides a huge area of wall to wall trampolines.

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Monkey Bars

A real test of strength, agility and Darwin’s theory of evolution all rolled into one! -

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