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The AirFit52 class is a unique way of getting fit. 

Unlike most fitness classes which become boring and mundane, exercising through trampolining is exciting and invigorating, and provides tremendous health benefits, such as, high impact cardio vascular, cleanses and detoxifies the lymphatic system and improves coordination and balance. 

Our qualified and competent fitness instructors will take the pain out of your gain with Area 52 Fitness Classes.

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Beat Nights

This is the best and bounciest dance floor around. You have never danced and partied like this before!

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Air Fit

The AirFit52 class is a unique way of getting fit. Exercising through trampolining is exciting and invigorating.

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Bulgaria’s biggest Trampoline Park provides you with over a 1000 Sq. Meters of wall to wall entertainment for Children and Adults alike.

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Area 52 has teamed up with Freerun Bulgaria to provide you with the highest level of training to learn, improve and develop your moves.

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