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Air Bag

Dare we say this is ‘bags of fun’? We did and so will you! Crash test your landings knowing you can safely improve your technique. We provide the air bag so you can safely practice your flips and twists with a cushioned landing, until you can take it to the next level on the Trampolines. The air bag can provide easier access for exiting than the foam pits which means more leaps per hour! As you will discover they are not just for safety, they provide a unique entertainment all of their own as you choose your collision body shapes with guidance from our Marshalls.

Get adventurous, try a twist or like most people, just give in to temptation and throw yourself at it! Practical, safe and great fun!

other Attractions


Let the battle commence! To the victor the spoils! To the loser a mouthful of foam!

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Players who can effortlessly fly through the air and slam dunk that basketball dead centre!

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The Area 52 Jump Zone provides a huge area of wall to wall trampolines.

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Monkey Bars

A real test of strength, agility and Darwin’s theory of evolution all rolled into one!

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